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Holistic Nutrition + Energetic Therapies
for Smart, Savvy & Sensitive Souls

Dear Health Conscious Friend,

You are a smart, creative, sensitive soul who “eats right, exercises, takes supplements, etc”

Yet in spite of your commitment to your health, something is not working.

Do You:

You appear to be healthy and happy on the outside but on the inside you struggle with low energy, lack of confidence, self-doubt and low self esteem. You feel overwhelmed and out of balance yet are managing to keep up with your responsibilities. You are doing such a great job at holding it all together that most people would be completely shocked to find out how you are really feeling.

You’ve been to see your doctor, you’ve worked with a few alternative health care practitioners and healers, but something’s still not working. You already know a lot about healthy living and nutrition. You do much for your health, but often it feels like you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

You wonder…

“Why can’t I just feel better already? I try so hard!”

I’m here to tell you that taking great care of yourself doesn’t have to be a struggle.

“You Can Achieve The Vibrant Health, Energy, and Happiness You Dream of…without the Struggle”

I am Christy Love and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Healer and Chakra Wellness Expert. I’m also a recovering overachiever, closet creative, and former pharmaceutical industry professional. I know what it is like to suffer with low energy, depression, and anxiety. I know how it feels to struggle with a health challenge while putting on a smiling face and trying to look like everything is OK. The last straw for me was when one of the medications I was taking for depression caused me to gain 30 pounds in a month. That was before I was introduced to alternative healing, and used food and energetic techniques to heal myself from major depression and other chronic health issues. I then became a holistic nutritionist and energetic healer so I could help others heal naturally.

Living a vibrant, peaceful, healthy and energized life doesn’t have to be so to be so hard anymore.

It doesn’t have to feel like you are always taking two steps forward and one step back. If you are struggling with your health, mood, or energy levels you do not have to go it alone or do it the hard way or try to figure out how to heal yourself on your own.

That’s why I created:

The Feed Your Chakras Peaceful Powerful Energy Program

This unique and comprehensive holistic wellness program is for smart, savvy and sensitive souls who have struggled with their self-care, energy levels and mood and are ready to create lasting balance and higher levels of health and happiness.
Feed Your Chakras can help you shift from:

You crave calm and balance. Ease. Pleasure. More energy.

You want to be truly nourished and fulfilled.

To really enjoy living.

You know there are some changes you need to make but you are not sure what they are or where to begin. You know you don’t want to take medication and you are looking for natural ways to look good and feel great.

I can help you put and end to your struggle with healthy living. I can show you how to connect deeply and intuitively to the needs of body so you easily know what’s really right for you. And I’ll teach you an easy and sustainable approach to feeling great and living healthy so that you become your own health guru.

It is time to Rejuvenate Your Body and Reclaim your Life.

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